Fresh Garden Flowers

In Season. Home-grown. Hand-picked.

Kaitoke, Upper Hutt, Wellington

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The flower season is over until Spring 2021. 

We look forward to picking again for you again.

Bunches & Buckets

Treat yourself or for someone else.

Celebrate, commiserate or commemorate.

Bring nature indoors.

And, beauty to your special occasions.

Picked to order:

– freshest flowers

– brightest blooms

– sweetest scents

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Call or text  Julie 027 664 6335 to order.

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Every Picking is Unique

From garden to vase there are limitless colours and combinations.

We gather what’s fresh in bloom.

Arrange your flowers yourself or leave it to us.

Keep up to date what’s happening in the garden.

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027 664 6335

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