The Pickery

Flowers are a wonderful way to express your feelings and thoughts. We help you bring joy, gratitude and kindness to the people you care about.

Our flowers are packed with personality, each with life-enhancing beauty. They are as wild as they are wonderful.

We’re here so you can:

  • give yourself a treat
  • gift the pleasure of flowers to someone else
  • send a floral message when you can’t be there in person
  • make flowers the natural backdrop to a special celebration
  • put flowers at the heart of nature-inspired wedding
  • honour the life of someone special or send condolences to their loved ones.

From seed to flower delivery, our flowers are nurtured alongside nature, picked at their prime and delivered fresh to you. Our flowers are full of scent, safe to sniff. In some cases, they are good enough to eat.

With us, you can get flowers without all the frills and nonsense. Our flowers are pure and simple with no additives or fancy packaging. Since everything is compostable, you can return what we’ve grown back to nature.

Set in the wilds of Kaitoke north of Wellington, New Zealand, you can pick up flowers by arrangement or buy from our self-service garden gate shop. We host special gatherings and retreats so you can find your own garden-inspiration.

meet julie

Julie Treanor

Grower, picker and floral entrepreneur

Flower farming wasn’t on my career list when I ran away to New Zealand to live the ‘good life’ in 2006. In my fantasy life, I was a grower of olives, grapes and vegetables.

My New Zealand garden began with things to eat and ornamental plants before filling it with flowers for cutting.

Once I started growing flowers for the house, I couldn’t stop. And, when our home was filled with blooms, I got just as much pleasure from giving them away.

After learning about the Flowers from the Farm movement in my homeland, the UK, I was inspired to become a cut flower grower. The Pickery became a homegrown floral startup in mid-2018.

Gardening has been a part of my life since I grew plants in pots as a student,  Gardens allow me to be creative and productive in the most pleasurable ways.

Each day, I marvel at nature’s cleverness and beauty even though cruel weather, pests, and diseases can be frustrating. I’d be lost without a garden in my life.

Growing flowers to pick and then arranging them has been one of the most life-affirming things I’ve ever done. I’m on a mission to help others feel the power of plants, gardens, and gardening in their lives.

The Local flower industry

The Pickery is part of a global movement of people growing flowers by hand on a small-scale. We are artisanal growers that focus on high-quality  seasonal cut flowers with an ethos of using sustainable, environmentally and wildlife-friendly ways of working.

In 2019, I co-founded The Wellington Flower Collective to work with other small-scale flower growers in the lower North Island to sell directly to florists and flower buyers.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 while New Zealanders were quarantined at home, I launched The Floral Business Activator with another Flower Grower to help flower farmers build their business skills and created an online directory of New Zealand flower farms; The NZ Flower Collective.

The Pickery is a proud supporter of the local flower industry advocating for keeping flowers local and seasonal and using sustainable flower arranging techniques that include no use of plastics or chemical floral forms.


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