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Our flowers

All our flowers are home-grown and hand-picked. We offer posies, bunches and buckets for you to arrange yourself or you can leave the floristry to us.


So often, small is beautiful when it comes to flowers. Our posies can be as elaborate as our bunches or a simple as a single flower. You can arrange them in a fancy vase, an empty jar or tin can. Pop your posy on your desk, your bedside or kitchen table. We find one is never enough so buy a single or a pair to brighten your day.


Whether you call them a bunch or a bouquet you’ll get a full hand of flowers to enjoy. Think a garden of flowers for your vase. This means flowers, foliage and fancy bits lightly arranged with a nod towards the wild and mischievousness of nature. We have size options to match your vase style and budget.


Sometimes one bunch of flowers is not enough. Whether you want to decorate your whole house, beautify a party or create a stunning wedding, a bucket overflowing with flowers is the way to go. We pick and you arrange or pass on to your florist to stylise.  We can pick you a bucket or a trailer full of flowers.

The Pickery unpicked

Flowers are the essence of beauty, nature and expression of the life.

So often, flowers can say what we mean when we don’t have the words. They stand-in for us when we can’t be with the people we love. Flowers can pretty much say it all and do it all when it comes to matters of the soul and the heart.

But across the years, flowers have gone from being a garden delight to an industrialised product flown around the world. Flowers have lost their seasonal roots and natural place in everyday life.

The Pickery exists to bring flowers grown naturally in a garden to people who love flowers, We grow to pick for everyday and special moments.

We believe fresh and local is best so we don’t send out flowers outside of a 50 km radius. We can point you towards other like-minded flower growers who may be local to you who care as much about growing flowers as we do.

We share our flowers with the bees, bugs and wildlife. We don’t use chemical sprays, pesticides or other nasties in our garden. This means our flowers aren’t always straight, nor perfect, but everyone is beautiful, even the wonkiest and wildest.

Our flowers are picked fresh to order. We don’t waste a bloom. We give spares away and everything else gets put to good use in our compost  

Julie Treanor – Grower, picker and floral entrepreneur

How I became a flower farmer

When I ran away to New Zealand in 2006 to live the ‘good life’, flower farming wasn’t on my list of careers. In my fantasy life, it was olives, grapes and vegetables that filled my dreams.

But after a decade, more and more of my potager garden was given over to flowers. Once I’d started growing flowers, I couldn’t seem to stop. And, when the house was overwhelmed with blooms I got just as much pleasure to give them away.

Inspired by the Flowers from the Farm movement in my homeland, the UK, I realised I could be a farmer after all. And, in mid-2018 The Pickery turn from a nice idea into a home-grown floral startup. 

In 2019 I co-founded The Wellington Flower Collective. We’re a collection of small-scale flower growers in the lower North Island selling direct to florists and flower buyers. And in 2020, during the lockdown of New Zealand due to the COVID-19 pandemic I created The Floral Business Activator to support flower growers develop their business building skills and established an online directory for flower farms across New Zealand, The NZ Flower Collective.

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